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QR Codes

QR Codes

QR Codes are becoming the easy way to share information about your business or other personal details in a universal format.

Get a Free Quote for Real Estate Web DesignWhat are QR Codes? The term 'QR Code' is short for quick response code and is a specialized barcode that allows for data to be encoded. You may have seen these funny looking symbols on advertisements, websites, business cards, or even products at your grocery store like a box of cereal. If your unfamiliar with QR Codes, the best way to demonsrate a QR Code is to show you! Check out the QR code below for BrazenMedia, LLC.

The example below is simple. When scanned it sends our website address of to the device that has scanned it. With millions of people using smartphones and other mobile devices can you see the potential here?!? You can embed many different types of data such as web site addresses, email, phone numbers, and other contact information that is useful. You can choose to have just a single piece of information like we did with the Web site address, or multiple sets of contact info.

QR Code

QR Codes are perfect for a business or individual to share contact information quickly and easily in a variety of different advertising mediums. We can help you create QR codes and display them in a variety of different ways to potential customers, so contact us today to discuss the possibilites.


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